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Published by ABC Pool : 22-03-2017

Restore, Recover, Relax

Restore, Recover, Relax

You may be training like a champion but are you recovering like one? Hacking your body’s ability to bounce back from competitions, intense workouts or even just intense training or work periods could be the key to enhancing your performance. What’s more, you may find you can perform with more ease - and refreshed mental focus and clarity.

Of course, you already knew that sleep, rest days and good nutrition are what helps fuel not just working but working out at your peak. Perhaps you have also heard of active recovery, i.e. light to moderate cardio activity post intense sessions helps you decrease lactic acid and feel ready to go again sooner. But did you know that stretching and restorative yoga sessions can help you feel less sore and recover more quickly? 

The key is in keeping intensity low while not becoming passive in your recovery phase. It’s a fine line to hit for a lot of weekend warriors, as we often still apply outdated concepts like “go hard or go home”. While there is some truth to most of the catchphrases like “use it or lose it”, the reality lies in the nuance. It’s about not going beyond your edge or pushing it continuously and falling into a valley of pain post session. When you are in training mode though, it can be hard to listen right? How often have you heard things like: You should rest more, or, you should try meditation. Do you shrug them off, too? 

If you are feeling slightly resistant to this do less to get ahead message, this message is very likely for you. The irony is that we often need what we resist the most and a stressed mind and overtrained body aren’t very receptive to subtle messages. So let me spell it out: Slow down to speed up. Yes, you heard right. Giving your body and mind more space to recover could help give you an edge. Why else do you think rugby players, elite cyclists and long distance runners even bother with ocean swims, stretch sessions and meditation? 

Perhaps your mind is too focused and busy and your life too time poor to add another session to your program? How about integrating just one targeted stretch and recovery session and maximising your bang for your buck! We recommend a restorative yoga session, progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness meditation to get you started. As you create space just once a week for a low-intensity session with a mental aspect, you will find yourself more receptive to shifting other habits, too. You may even start benefiting from deeper and more restorative sleep and less stress and anxiety during the day. Learning to listen to your body and to tune into its more subtle messages is therefore, a great tool for your training kit.

Body Mind Sol offer Sydney-wide group and private sessions as well as a full schedule of regular group classes at the studio at Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool. They currently have an offer 3 for 2 private sessions starting from $85 per session and 3 for 2 group classes for private sports clubs from $150. Simply email Body Mind Sol info@bodymindsol.com to claim the offer quoting BC32. To view the studio timetable visit http://bodymindsol.com.au/bookings/

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Hacking your body’s ability to bounce back from intense workouts and training could be the key to enhancing your performance.

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