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Sydney Yoga Collective

Yoga Botanica is a Yoga Studio in Sydney's Botanical Gardens, nestled above Andrew Boy Charlton Swimming Pool on the edge of Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Yoga Collective at ABC Pool

Sydney Yoga Collective

Yoga has started again in the studio above ABC pool!

Founder of the Sydney Yoga Collective Casey Castro, fits this mold herself – she is not your typical yogi; she sees and believes in the benefits, but her wit and humour prevent the classes from getting overly spiritual. The classes are a fresh take on traditional vinyasa, they are upbeat and strike the right balance between mindfulness and frankly, fun.

Perfect for beginners, occasional yogi’s or serious contenders, Sydney Yoga Collective offer a range of styles and classes to suit individuals looking for an affordable yoga studio. 

Pay only $12 per class for a casual visit or enquire about our membership options here