Sports / FloatFit Classes at ABC Pool!

FloatFit Classes at ABC Pool!

The new waterbased fitness trend for 2017!

FloatFit Classes at ABC Pool! at ABC Pool

FloatFit Classes at ABC Pool!

FloatFit is a 30-minute, low impact class on a tough, inflatable base that floats on water, kind of like a wider and harder-to-flip surfboard. It gives you a full body workout with a mixture of high intensity and yoga inspired classes to suit all abilities. It’ll work out your core like crazy, but the payoff is dipping yourself in the cool refreshing water straight after!

what are the benefits?

  • The continual movement of water requires both the core and concentration to work together adding strength to the intricate stabilising muscles that prevent dislocation. These important muscles are often unused in other exercise classes
  • Participants don’t know they are working hard until they wake up the following morning!
  • Making the most of the instability of water using the full length of the AquaBase to maximum effect – constantly working your muscles to stay balanced and the mind to focus

Classes run every Sunday at ABC Pool. For more info email Aqua Physical on or phone 0418 236 778.