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Published by ABC Pool : 01-03-2019

Five Ways to Stay Motivated to Swim

Five Ways to Stay Motivated to Swim

We know it can be hard to maintain a swimming routine, especially with busy schedules and Autumn lurking just around the corner. However, experts currently recommended at least 20 minutes of exercise a day and suggest that swimming is a great way to achieve this!

So, here are our tried and tested ways to help you stick with it all year round!

Do it With a Friend

Swimming with a friend can be a great way to boost your morale and motivation, especially if you’ve been on an exercise hiatus. Make sure you pick a friend who’s equally motivated or if possible more so, this will help you keep up the momentum. Add a bit of competition to your pool workouts and you’ll be sure to never miss a session.

Set Yourself a Goal

It’s much easier to stay motivated if you’re working towards something. Maybe you’ve just started swimming and your first goal is to swim 20 laps. Every time you’re about to give up just imagine how good it’ll feel once you hit that mark and trust us by the time you make it to 20 you’ll be excited about pushing yourself to do another 40!

Change Your Perspective

Don’t make swimming all about how good you’re going to look. Sure, that’s a great incentive to any fitness regime, we all want a toned body.  But that transformation doesn’t happen overnight, so instead focus on how swimming makes you feel. Focus on how much energy you have after an early morning swim or how much calmer you are after swimming those laps. Stay positive about your achievements even the little ones and be kind to yourself!

Mix it Up

One of the greatest killers to any motivation is your routine becoming tired or stagnant. Make sure to try all different sorts of swimming routines. Talk to a swim teacher at Andrew Boy Charlton about how you can keep your swimming session exciting and challenging.  

Go to The Right Pool for You

Make sure whichever pool you choose it has the right atmosphere for you! Be honest with yourself about what you want and need. 

Here at Andrew Boy Charlton we not only have breathtaking views, but swimming here is like joining a friendly community that will no doubt keep you coming back time and time again. Click here to find out more about membership.

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Here are our tried and tested ways to help you stick with it all year round!

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