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Published by ABC Pool : 20-04-2018

10 Ways to Know If You're a Swimmer

10 Ways to Know If You're a Swimmer

Swimmers’ are a particular breed of people. They are dedicated and passionate, having spent most of their lives participating in the sport. They are not afraid of an early morning start and will make all of your towels smell of chlorine. Here are ten surefire ways to spot if you are a dedicated swimmer!

1. The phrase “take your marks… beep!” is always on your mind.

You've heard this phrase so many times in your life the fact that it's embedded in your thoughts isn't entirely surprising. Just know you're not the only one startled every time you hear anything that sounds like a starting mark.

2. Your hair is always wet and if you're a lady, in a messy bun.

It's wet because you know there isn't any point in drying it, is there? And if you’re a female swimmer, you know the messy bun is your best friend. That can take you from pool to chic in a matter of minutes.

3. You have rings around your eyes and it’s not from lack of sleep.

Whereas everyone else is suffering from not enough shuteye, you know you can thank your goggles for this permanent fixture.

4. If you're feeling stressed all you want to do is get to the pool.

For you, there's nothing more relaxing than swimming laps. Not to mention the endorphins your body releases from the exercise.

5. You have a permanent suit, goggle, and cap tan.

You've long given up on trying to even out the tan lines and now you go with it!

6. Your skin is always dry.

No matter how much moisturiser you use, your skin is always dried out. But you wouldn’t trade it for anything, least of all the pool!

7. You could win an eating contest.

You might not look like it but you know you could eat for Australia. Pasta is your favourite and you have more than two Weetbix in your bowl.

8. Bugs die from chlorine poisoning when they land on your skin.

While everyone else might be getting eaten alive in summer, your skin has a layer of protection at all times.

9. You catch yourself doing shoulder stretches everywhere!

By now you know that stretching before any swim is a great way to ensure success and lack of injury in the pool. And you can't help but do it all the time.

10. You Love Andrew Boy Charlton Pool

And who could blame you? With stunning views and location, a delicious on-site café and a great community of supportive swimmers, Andrew Boy Charlton Pool is the perfect spot for any Swim obsessed individual.


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10 fun ways to spot if you're a fan of swimming. Take the test now!

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