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Published by ABC Pool : 04-12-2016

Yoga at Andrew (Boy) Charlton

Yoga at Andrew (Boy) Charlton

Yoga - A Flow State of Mind and Being

Twisting yourself into contorted positions while listening to a teacher tell you about compassion and surrender may not have anything obvious to do with peak performance and flow state, the practice of yoga is one of the ultimate tools to hacking your way of being in the world. Ancient in its origins, and yet, yoga has maintained its relevance. In fact, yoga asana (the practice of poses) is widely popular in the West and has culminated in huge concert like yoga events, more yoga clothing brands than you can throw a Lululemon block at and the “yogaeverydamnday” hashtag trending heavily on instagram and twitter. Perhaps this is unsurprising in a culture where we are image- as well as health-conscious.  Yoga is associated with health, youth & clean living. Here’s the question on our mind: Exactly what is it that gives yoga a competitive edge over, say, running - or Tai Chi?

Yoga is designed to bring us into a state of union. Even the word yoga mens to yoke. This overarching intention means yoga is uniquely placed in helping us find flow state in daily life, business and other sports. When you yoga, faster, higher, stronger is not automatically better. In yoga, the aim is to witness what is in your awareness - and how you choose to react or respond. This sets yoga apart from many other forms of exercise. It teaches us to associate and become present and aware of what we are feeling.  Mindfulness, associating and becoming aware is a brilliant life tool not just for elite athletes and successful business people; it is an important element of flow state.

A word of advice: be prepared for the practice of yoga to profoundly change you. It is designed to bring you into a state of health and wellbeing. You will work through your relationship with yourself, your body, your family and friends and colleagues as you practice. Witnessing yourself and your choices and - hopefully - choosing more freely and wisely for yourself as you continue to tune in. The bright practice for you will induce flow in your life. I can almost guarantee it.

Sol Walkling



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